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These Can Be Achieved, But Only If You Overcome Your Unknowing Barriers.
Meir Ezra will create YOUR personal MAP to overcome your barriers.
The Map Seminar
July 11-14, 2019 
Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel
901 Dixon Road, 
Toronto, Ontario M9W 1J5 Canada

Group Book Rate: $179 CAD/Night
Last Day to Book at the Special Rate: Friday, June 28, 2019
The Problems You Are Facing:
🔹Have you ever thought about what is the basic misconception of able people who fail?

🔹What happens when things don’t go well?
🔹What is the difference? 

🔹What are YOU doing differently? And why?

🔹What do you do differently during the times you succeed and the times you don’t do well?

Think about it… when you start a business, relationship or hobby it’s exciting!

What you are doing is taking something small and growing it. 

🔹How do you do that? 

You multiply it - so you increase it in size.

🔹Now when things don’t go well, what are you doing differently?

🔹How do you fix it so things go well in your life?
The Benefits of Receiving YOUR MAP:
The first component of YOUR MAP will be YOUR fixed ideas and how they effect you.

The next component of your map, is the exact points that prompt you to use energy instead of ideas and by that cut your power.

The next component of your map, are all those BAD CONDITIONS OF LONG DURATION and the exact steps that erase them!

The next component of your map is the road that ensures you will become you again.

The next component of your map is your fixed ideas on relationships.

The next component of your map is the sources of your fixed ideas.

Your income is monitored by your willingness to assume the position of source and cause over ideas. Fixed ideas are the manifestation of dropped responsibility and will result in deteriorated income!! 

We will handle the reason you are not willing to take responsibility for your life and by that handle your fixed ideas and in turn handle your income - guaranteed!!
THE MAP Pre-Seminar Powenar (Online Series)
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$149 USD for 6 Classes
When you register for the full Map seminar taking place in July you will receive a $149 discount (so the Powenars become free).
THE MAP Full Seminar (July 11-14, 2019 in Toronto)
If purchased by 1st July:
Normal price $4,500 USD
Or 5 payments of $1,000 USD by credit card. 
Any delay in payment will result in interest charges.

If paid after 1st July:
Normal price $5,000 USD
Or 6 payments of $1,100 USD
Register for The Full Map Seminar 
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More About Meir Ezra
Meir is an international entrepreneur with multi-million dollar businesses and clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, China, Russia, Romania, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic & many others.

From his start as a former high-ranking submarine diver in the Israeli navy, to his creation of Timemaker, a software program that has revolutionized the way thousands of businesses manage their communication, Meir’s passion is helping others.
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